Get to know us

Wholesale Solar is a Sunshine Coast based family business with over 4,000 installations.

We offer the highest level of service and advise, and take pride in providing customer satisfaction.

We only recommend Clean Energy Council approved products, at a wholesale price, installed by our Clean Energy Council certified installers!

Our Story

Our Family has been in the solar business over 13 years and has installed over 4,000 solar systems in that time.

In Feb 2009 Bret started as OZ Solar Systems with his brother as a joint venture , in those days we had to order a container full of panels at a time, as there were no Australian distributors.

We supplied products direct from the manufacturer and had the systems professionally installed. Most clients back then were fortunate to pick up the Govt 44 cents solar feed in scheme. We still support those customers today.

Then in May 2014 Bret and Maddie opened a new company (My brother moved on) called Qld Solar Installers. Back then the Clean Energy Council allowed electricians to become Certified solar installers , so we had our own team and now could provide our clients with a wide range of approved panels and inverters at discount prices.

Then came Nov 2018… We changed our name to Wholesale Solar installers as we wanted to specialise in offering EVERY BRAND to customers at wholesale prices…. installed at the highest standard by our own team.

Sept 2022…After a desire to give back and help those organisations in need that can’t afford to purchase solar, Bret started the Clean Energy Foundation. Every year we lobby our suppliers and customers and associates to provide a free solar system to an organisation in need. We recently were able to donate a system to the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge.